A website created by Brain IT has:

  • High quality;
  • Full functionality;
  • Custom solutions;
  • Simple and convenient administration;
  • Nice graphic design. 

No “outsource”: your personal manager, layout designer, programmer, designer, specialists in filling and promotion – work in the office and are always ready to assist you. CMS and CMF used: MODx, Open Cart, 1C Bitrix, WordPress, Drupal.
What do you get if you design a website with Brain IT? 

  • A modern Internet resource of high quality;
  • The source code of your website is on an electronic medium, thus, you will be able to fill your website with content by yourselves in future without any customer support, which will save your company budget;
  • An additional trading platform increasing its influence in the commercial world year by year;
  • Responsible developers notable for their high professionalism and reliability;
  • Minimum costs for the development of your company website;
  • In perspective – your company profit growth by at least 30%.


Nowadays, when the supply exceeds the demand, in order to provide goods or services desirable in the market, it is not enough to simply make valuable high-quality products. The lion’s share of successfulness and demand for goods or services depends on the “packaging”. You can order the following design services from us: 

  • Web design;
  • Logo design and its further development;
  • Rendering of various design elements;
  • All types of graphic design. 

If you order from us you will get that very design that will set you apart from your competitors.


- .NET
- Java
- Python
- Ruby
- C++
- Objective-C
- С#
- Create mobile apps
- Swift
- JavaScript


Development of a website with no further promotion is a complete waste of money. The more clients the company has, the more sales it can make. In order to make your website profitable, we offer the following types of promotion: 

  • SEO promotion is a set of actions aimed at an increase of your website traffic and attraction of potential clients. The aim of SEO is that of top positions in search engines;
  • Contextual advertising is your advertisement views in such search engines as Yandex and Google. Contextual advertising is a tool used for quick and effective attraction of intended users of your website – online advertising. This type of online advertising offers you an opportunity to provide your advertisement only for those looking for the information related to your company and your goods/services. 

What do you get if you order your website promotion from us? 

  • Cost transparency;
  • Convenient planning;
  • Fairness and efficiency;
  • Responsiveness and professionalism.


Social Media Marketing has a direct interaction with those intended users who are interested in the advertiser’s goods and services. Social network promotion helps cope with a wide range of tasks: 

  • Boost the sales;
  • Form intended users’ loyalty to your company;
  • Analyse clients’ opinion on service quality;
  • Inform clients of discounts or promo campaigns;
  • Attract regular users 

Social network communities are a source of a large amount of traffic thanks to which the website prestige is enhanced in search engines. Social networks help interact with users of all ages. Targeting tools help clearly define those intended users who are interested in what you can offer – only interested clients, who need the advertiser’s goods or services, are invited to communities. 

Our company promotes social network groups at competitive prices. Communities of that type in such social networks as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram and Facebook provide a wide range of tools for the promotion of the advertiser’s goods and interaction with intended users. Order a complete SMM Service right now!

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