Who is better to order a website site from?

Who is better to order a website site from: "amateurs" or a professional web studio?

  A good site is the best presentation of the company on the Internet. And, when the company decides to declare itself through the worldwide network, the question always arises: to save money and order the site from the "mother of my mother's friend" or turn to a professional web studio paying a decent amount? Faced with such choice, most managers want to save, without thinking about what product and guarantees they will get in the end.
  This risk is the main of all those to which customers are going, having decided to save: after all, such implementers are 2 or even 3 times cheaper! 
When ordering a site from "amateurs" there are always no guarantees that are so necessary to everyone. Absolutely everyone, investing money in any product, wants to get it quality and be sure that the purchase was done properly.
  Such implementers cannot guarantee either the exact terms, the quality of their product, nor the fact that the site will be made at all and you will “not be tricked”, as contracts are not usually concluded.
 Turning to a professional web studio for website development, you’ll definitely get a high-quality website, and a whole team of responsible executors: designers who will design your website, proceeding from corporate styles and customer wishes; marketers who will work all the tech and thematic articles; programmers who will make the site work and add the necessary functionality; managers who will advise and accompany you during the whole project.

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