Is it better to create your own website or register a company on portals?

Is it better to create your own website or register a company on portals?

 21 century - the age of information technology! If you decide to open your company, the best way to declare it is to present it on the Internet, because newspapers are already "out of fashion".
  The majority of people will say, why should I create my own website, if I can post information on different portals for free? These so-called portals are a kind of warehouse where all competitors are practically equal: for all the same conditions, cancellation, prices vary within certain limits. In the process of searching, potential customers who are interested in the necessary product see the same product, but from different companies. And there are no guarantees that they will choose YOU! After all, all the competitors are almost equal. Therefore, when opening your business, it is important to understand and be able to properly and qualitatively stand out from the competition.
 After all, each manager is counting on a way out to profit, not loss. To create a serious company of your own, it is not enough to be placed on different portals, even if they are paid. At the moment, quite a large number of managers prefer to be on three, four, and ten portals as well, but none of them has qualitative and detailed information on their activities. Thus, people, who are  interested in a particular product / company, have to seek information in all the depths of the Internet to get at least something about it, but few of them have enough time and patience for this.
Therefore, it is easier for such potential customers to reach your competitors, who have their own website with detailed information about their activities. Entering it, it immediately becomes clear what "the living and breathing" the company of interest.
It generates trust and thereby demonstrates a positive image. And in such a situation, in 99% of cases, your competitor will be chosen.
And now think, do you need your website?

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